According to wikipedia, the official
language in Nigerian is English but we all know that
the common language we speak in Nigeria is Pidgin.
Nwanne be proud to speak your pidgin whether it is
the simple pidgin or waffi pidgin, that doesn’t stop
you from speaking good english when you want to.
Anyway make I cut my tori short, here are some
warrified proverbs that will sweet your belle.

Man wey Unclad no dey put hand for pocket
translation:You can’t do somethings if there are
no certain con ditions.

Chicken wey run way from borno go Ibadan go
still end up inside pot of soup
loose translation:You Can’t Run Away From Your

Today’s newspaper na tomorrow Suya wrap
loose translation:Keep calm! Nothing last forever

Cow wey dey in a hurry to go America go come
back as corn beef
loose translation:Just be patient. Let the game come
to you. Don’t rush!

Akara and moin moin get the same parent na
wetin dey pass tru make dem diffrent
loose translation:How you start doesn’t matter,what
matters is how you finish.

Wetin consign agbero with twitter handle,or malu/
cow with face cap?
loose translation:Mind your business.

If life dey show you pepper,my guy make pepper
soup from am
loose translation:Mind your business.

If life dey show you pepper,my guy make pepper
soup from am
loose translation:Make something good out of a bad

I get am before No be property
loose translation: stop living in the past and start
living in the present.

If person too tey for party e go follow dem wash
loose translation:Don’t outstay your welcome

Rolling stone,ofcourse na person push am now!
loose translation:There is always a reason for

Craze no hard to form,na the trekking be wahala
loose translation:Easier said than done

No matter how hot your tempa be,e no fit boil
loose translation:Calm down,your temper won’t solve
the problem

Every mallam with em own kettle,every Northerner with
em own radio.
loose translation:Every man for himself

You no need cutlery to chop slap
loose translation:You don’t need my translation to
understand this,lol

Opolo eye no be open eye
loose translation: Having Big eyes doesn’t make you

Leave matter for Mathias and Sabi for Sabinus.
loose translation:let sleeping dog lie

Bring suya, bring suya,…….na cow body dey suffer
loose translation:Every action has a consequence

E go better na e go better,na im make ibo man still
dey Kano
loose translation:When there is hope,there is Life.

Escort me, Escort me, naim slave trade take start.
loose translation:Serious things sometimes start like

Na from play play dem dey form PLAYER
loose translation:Serious things sometimes start like

Pikin wen use agbada take stat guy go talk wetin e
go wear wen e old.
loose translation:Slow and steady wins the race

The water wey dem use take make eba can never
be recovered back.
loose translation:Don’t cry over spilt milk

Nearly no dey kill bird.
loose translation: It’s either you have it or you don’t

Fly wey no get special adviser na im dey folow
dead bodi enta grave
loose translation: Don’t stay ignorant

No matter how lizard dey do press up, e no go get
chest like aligator
loose translation: Be proud of who you are

The cassava today fit be gari tomorrow
loose translation: No condition is permanent

If mad man don beat ur mama before,if she see
mechanic she go run…
loose translation: once beaten twice shy

Jollof Rice wey dey for d bottom of pot 2day go
dey for top of cooler 2moro
loose translation: no condition is permanent

Fowl wey dey carry for head no dey know say to
waka na work.
loose translation: A dependant would not know the
value of what he/she is enjoying.

Person wey never find space for ground no
suppose dey look for mat

Person wey borrow cloth go party no dey dance
too much

Who read na im serious, who pass na im know

weda nyansh face east or west, na still back e go

Fly wey land on top Butter, think say im be

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