The value of the nation's academics has journeyed to the world of unreturned. Examination malpractices has become a slogan to today's youth who are looking forward to climbing the ladder of success.

The development is bothersome and a dangerous signal for the future or our youths who are the hope of this great nation. If the truth must be said, mass failure was a misfortune waiting to take place; it was not a sudden development, it was indeed an affirmation of deterioration in the system since the government is not keen on improving the education sector. It is unfortunate that a majority of our student no longer believe on burning the candle at night, they believe in shortcuts and investing in devices such as 'orijo', 'expo', 'chips' and other malpractices in funny names and slangs to pass their exams. Today's citadel of learning have become nothing but heaps waste where indiscipline versus non-chalant attitude to work are playing football of the champions league. Many primary school teachers now assist their student to make headway in their examinations especially in secondary schools.

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However, it is believed that the discipline acquired by a child from his life genesis determine his tomorrow. The parent and the peer groups are major agent of socialization who determine the failure and the success of our tomorrow's leaders.Today's academy has gone under flames. Without mincing words, NECO gives a real picture of student's performance than JAMB. At the inception, NECO was praised by many people because of the successes recorded by students. But the NECO results released within four consecutive years showed a mass failure in the councils'  May/June exams. The last results in particular prove that out of the 110,590 that registered, 43,547 or 41.19 percent had credit and above and 10,328 or 9.34 percent got ordinary pass. While in English, less than 10 percent made the credit level. 15,669 or 14.15 percent of them recorded passes and 75,353 or 68.06 percent failed. On the average, 90 percent of the candidates who sat for the 2011 November/December Senior Certificate examinations of NECO failed the examination/

Findings revealed that more than 50 percent of secondary schools in Lagos state are accessioned for collecting bribes from students sitting for examinations both internal and external examination. Some unserious students who want  to make headways in their examinations have to pay five hundred naira [N 500] per subject. The primary schools that are used  as avenues for conducting examinations has been controlled by the primitive teachers who take bribes as the means of surviving. Academy center have been the major contributing factors to this ill-mannered activities of every societies. Corruption begins to swing into the Nigeria's academy system when tutorial centers come into existence fully in early 90's. Instead of passing qualitave academy lesson to the students, they rather assist in destroying the nation's seed, putting many students life in shambles. Though many tutorials centers give qualitative coaching to these students, yet the indiscipline in the students mind make them to make a nonchalant attitude to learning. who is to blame in this sense?

The ineffectiveness of Guidance and counseling department in Nigerian schools make examination malpractices to be an affecting agent of the Nation's economic growth and development. Perhaps, student's flexible mind can be changed, effective guidance and counseling department is given paramount importance in the curriculum or syllabus of every school ranging from; primary, secondary schools and tertiary institutions. If technical work were given a perfect attention, examination malpractices would have been reduced by now. But the reverse has been the case.

Before a person is employed in the Nigeria Labour Market these days, certificate is the first requirement. Thus the question this call for is , "does 1st class degree or distinction in universities and polytechnics respectively determines the competence of an employee?". According to Abraham Lincoln who wrote a letter to his son's teacher as part of effort to change certain attitude of the child towards his studies. He said, "Tell my son to always believe in his own ideas even if everyone tells him they are wrong". Many students engage in examination malpractice because they don't believe in their personal ability.

Also, he stated in the letter that; "it is far more honorable to fail than to cheat, because one dollar earn is far better than five dollar found".


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