Pregnancy is not a license for looking aged or worn out. Some women relax from their efforts of looking good when they are expecting a baby. You can maintain your personal style during pregnancy as well as after, even though you may you may have to try a little hard.

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There will definitely be some differences, but they keep reminding you that you would look shoddier when you relent in your efforts at looking good and staying health. Your looks tell a lot about you; will you be able to change the impression someone see you only when you are pregnant?

Maintaining good looks during pregnancy has become a veritable status symbol for celebrities. Apparently if you are pregnant, you are pregnant, you are supposed to be dressed in an over-sized t-shirts and ponchos because there are no fitted clothes that will accentuate your adorable pregnant belly.

I came across a product recently that  thought was a great idea. BELLY STOCK is a product that allows you to wear a lot of your old pre-pregnant clothes without showing too much.

The belly stock looks a lot like a tube top. A smaller tube of stretchy fabrics is designed to be worn around the belly section and extends past the waist band of your pants.

The purpose for this is that, where your shirts ends, the belly stock will extent a bit lower and cover what you don't want people to see. As a result, you can continue to wear your own clothing because you don't have to be concerned with it being too short on you and not covering your growing belly.

BELLY STOCK is made of cotton spandex and comes in a variety of colors. It is a great way to add an extra layer to your belly in the cooler months without having to wear multiple shirts. Belly stock article is designed to cover you up when you are breastfeeding, so nursing mothers won't be exposed with a binky blanket.


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