Unsure if you can make it to the end of the day without dozing at your desk? Sleepless nights can be tough, but trying to stay awake while working is even more harder. Whether you partied all night or stayed up with a newborn, or you lost sleep while finishing up a project, now you’re at work and you’re having a difficult time staying awake. You promise yourself that you’ll get more sleep, if you can just make it through the day without being discovered by your boss with your eyes closed. Falling asleep on the job can risk your employment, and may signal a larger problem with your sleep habits.

Here are very easy ways to keep your eyes open from 9-5.

1. Take a short walk
Get up, walk around the office or go out and get some sunshine. Bright light and a quick walk will get your blood pumping and energise you. The rest of your day will be a breeze.

2. Acquire a standing desk
Get a desk that can be raised and lowered, this affords you the opportunity to stand up while you’re working. Changing positions can keep you energized and alert.

3. Splash cold water on your face

There’s nothing as refreshing as cool water on your face. Splash some on to keep you alert. The reason your body responds the way it does to cold is that it’s prepping itself to work to keep you warm. Your body needs to regulate your internal temperature to keep all of its organs functioning. So if it detects ice or extreme cold, it will work to keep itself awake longer.

4. Chew ice

If you chew ice, it’s almost impossible to fall asleep. The chilling temperature keeps the brain on its toes, even while you are driving late at night, exhausted, and what you really want to do is fall asleep.
Chewing anything, even if it’s just your pen or pencil, causes your body to think you are about to eat. Your body will prepare for food intake by releasing insulin, which will make you more alert.

5. Exercise before work
Exercise in the office. Just because you’re sitting down doesn’t mean you can’t use your muscles. So exercise at your computer, or get up every once in a while and stimulate some blood flow to keep you alert.
Try simple exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, and squats. Don’t push yourself like you do in the gym; instead, just exercise enough to get your blood flowing and keep your coworkers from noticing your strange behavior!
Stay on your feet as much as possible. If you’re sitting most of the time, get yourself up every 20-30 minutes.Whether you take a class or go for a run, studies show that exercise increases your overall energy throughout the day.

6. Listen to music
Listening to music activates certain parts of your brain that can keep you alert. Music triggers emotional responses in humans, helping us engage many parts of the brain.
Listen to music that’s energizing to you. If possible, dance or sing along, even if you just bob your head or hum. Music that’s irritating or jarring may keep you awake better than music that’s familiar. Just do your co-workers a favor and remember to use headphones!

7. Have a caffeine fix
Caffeine is only a temporary way to get you going, but it’s very effective. Try to stick to coffee and tea rather than energy drinks — extreme caffeine doses will cause you to crash and burn.

8. Consume less sugar[/b]
Eating sugar-laden foods will only keep you awake for a short while. Once that sugar rush wears off, you will feel more sleepy than ever. Stay off the sweet stuff and munch on healthy options like nuts instead.

9. Don’t Sit All Day
Sitting at the same desk all day becomes monotonous and too comfortable. Go to your office’s kitchen or common space and work there for a few hours. The new surroundings will awaken your senses and keep you awake.

10. Expose yourself to bright light
Preferably, natural daylight. Your body’s internal clock (its circadian rhythms) are regulated by your exposure to sunlight. This means you can trick your body into believing it should be awake even when it feels tired.

11.Step outside, even just for a bit.
If you can step outside (even on a cloudy day) or look out the window for a full minute, you’ll be more alert.

12. Take a power nap
If you have the time, sleeping for just 15-20 minutes can increase your alertness by leaps and bounds if you have a cup of coffee (or any other form of caffeine) right before you fall asleep. The caffeine will take about 20 minutes to begin working, so you shouldn’t have any trouble falling asleep right away, and you’ll wake up refreshed.

13. Call someone
Make a call to a friend or a cousin or anyone who makes you laugh or excites you. A light conversation will definitely refresh your mind and you will be ready to start working before you know. Take a stroll while talking on the phone. It will keep you active. People tend to converse more animatedly when they walk and talk.


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