Secret of How to Treat a Woman to Get Her Addicted to You.

Whatever is written here is meant for boys/men, but it also works for girls/women. 

And the secret is:

*Treat her the same way NEPA treats Nigerians* Read that line 10 times before you go ahead. 

How not to treat a woman.

*Don't treat her the way POLICE treats Nigerians.

*Don't treat her the way UNICEF treats Nigerians/Africans.

Let me explain.

Everybody hates NEPA and everybody loves NEPA.

When NEPA takes light you get angry and curse them, but when they bring the light you forget your anger and enjoy it while it last. This is how bad boys behave. 

They offend you today and apologize tomorrow, next week, next month or next year (most times they don't even apologize; they use humor+cockiness to get back), and you (women) forgive them and they make good love to you and you forget about the past — that's intriguing and not boring.

When I was schooling abroad light doesn't blink. And that's boring! When it comes to dating!

I didn't shut down my laptop for 4 months because I know the light will never blink and the side effect was; it killed my battery. 

What Am I trying to say? Relationship needs to look like a valley before it'll work.

A smooth relationship does not work neither does a rough relationship work. 

But a valley relationship works. 

NEPA is not smooth and it's not rough, it's a valley — it goes up, then comes down. It makes you sad, it makes you happy like fractionation. 

One crazy thing about NEPA is; they bring bills without bringing light. And that's how some ladies act. Turn the script against them. Let them pay their bills, but give them free light. (You know what I mean. Memorable free light).

Everybody hates police except their wives/kids.

Police are MEAN and CRUEL towards Nigerians except you're a rich Nigeria, then they'll serve you with the cleanest plate in their kitchens, else be ready to be abused. 

Don't be mean and cruel towards women. Learn to be NEPA towards women.

Everybody loves UNICEF except Boko Haram. 

Unicef is too NICE and CARING towards Nigerians/Africans. Whenever disasters happen they're always there to help us in our misery and dilemma. 

Being too nice and caring makes you boring and weak. 

Instead of being UNICEF towards women be POLICE. 

But it's better to be both (POLICE+UNICEF = NEPA = A GOOD BAD BOY). And that's what women want. Most of them might not agree to it, but women don't say what they mean, and they don't mean what they say. Shine ya Aiz! 
They only want UNICEF when all they want is to get married, but that marriage will be a boring marriage because everything will be too nice to be true. She'll miss the drama that NEPA brings. And it'll either make her cheat or file for a divorce on the long run, because the man is boring. No drama/intrigue/challenge/unpredictability/suspense/curiosity/risk and adventure.

If you want to woo a girl, keep a girl, marry a girl, make a girl love you, treat her like what? 

Don't be good, but be good. Don't be reliable, but be reliable. Don't show love, but show love. Cheat on her, but don't cheat on her. Do whatever you want to her, but don't do whatever you desire to her.

If you don't, don't complain at last! I've already told you the secret. You'll thank me later if you implement this simple secret brain hack. 


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