This report is according to a research on the most expensive bridge ever built by man-kind on earth according to the amount of money spent in completing the project. I must tell you that some amount may vary due to the time of completion of each bridge , you know material pricing as changed as time goes on. So have in mind that this is the cumulative price of finishing each astonishing bridge .

Infrastructure is the most important feature of every country and is the important point in the development of the country. Every country tries to develop different facilities in their country for the people of their country and to make the country a developed country. Bridges are made to provide a different route for the people to decrease the traffic from roads. Bridges are a very important thing in the infrastructure of the country. Some bridges are very luxurious and are made with a large amount as well.

The bridges according to their ranking by total money spent :

10. Chesapeake Bay Bridge:

Chesapeake is normally called as the Bay Bridge. It is a very large viaduct and is located in Maryland of USA. The construction of this aqueduct was started in 1952, and the total length of this flyover is 6.9 km. It is considered as the nonstop longest overpass in the world made on the water. It was then enhanced in 1973. After sometimes two lanes were also added to the viaduct to increase its capacity. The total time taken for the completion of the aqueduct was 4 years and 6 months. The total expenses of its construction were $778.3 million

9. Tacoma Narrows Bridge:

Tacoma is the combination of two bridges and is very beautiful as well. It is located over water that makes it more attractive. It is a very historical overpass and was opened to the public in 1940. The length of this flyover is 1 mile that is not very long. This beautiful viaduct was complete in the time of 5 years. The cost incurred on its construction was almost $827.7 million. The look of this aqueduct is very attractive and the water makes it more appealing for the people and the journey on it is memorable.

8. Cooper River Bridge:

It is a very beautiful overpass that is located in South Carolina and is a cable-stayed aqueduct. It is the 5th longest flyover in the world which has the total length of 1050 feet. It is also ranked as the 12th longest viaduct of Carolina as well. It is very dangerous in terms of road accidents and the natural disasters as well. It was opened to the public in 2005 and was made with the high budget of $836.9 million. It was completed in the total time of 4 years and 6 months. It is very beautiful and designed in very different manner.

7. The George Washington Bridge:

George Washington is a double-decked flyover that is located on the Hudson River and is located in Washington. New York is the place that is famous for the infrastructure and is very developed as well. The total length of this aqueduct is almost 4760 feet that are considered as the longest overpass in the world. It was also a record holder for its long length. It was started in 1931 with the high budget of $1.1 billion and was completed in the period of 4 years.

6. Bay Bridge Oakland, San Francisco:

Bay Bridge Oakland is a very difficult viaduct that is located in California. It is the direct road to the Oakland and San Francisco. From this bridge, almost 240,000 vehicles can pass through this aqueduct that shows the use of this overpass. It was completed and opened in 1936 and was made with the high budget of $1.3 billion. It was made in the time duration of 3 years and 7 months as well. It is very well developed flyover and is made in very different design as well.

5. The Tsing Ma Bridge:

It is very luxurious aqueduct located in Hong Kong. It is on the 9th position in the longest suspension bridges in the world and 2nd longest because of the time taken for its completion. It decreased the traffic of the roads and railway as well. The total length of this overpass is 1377 meters. It was opened in 1997 and was made with the budget of $1.35 billion. It was completed in the period of 5 years. It is made in the very different design and has multiple roads on it which provide alternative roads to different routes.

4. The Yeongjong Grand Bridge:

It is a self-anchored viaduct located in South Korea which connects the Yeongjong Island to the main city. The total length of this aqueduct is almost 2.7 miles and was opened in 2000. It was made with the budget of $1.9 billion which is a very large amount of the making of infrastructure in the country. It was completed in the period of 5 years. On this flyover, investment was made once which was very large but will provide the benefits to the people forever.

3. Verrazano-Narrows Bridge:

Verrazano overpass is considered as the most expensive viaduct ever made in the world and is double road aqueduct. It is located in the big city New York. The center span of this overpass is 4260 feet and is considered as the longest suspension in the world. It was completed in 1964, and its length is 2.6 miles. It was made with the total cost of $2.4 billion which is very expensive. It was completed in the period of 5 years and seven months.

2. Great Belt Bridge:

Great Belt is one of the largest bridges in the world which is mainly located in Zealand. It provides the road between Zealand and Funen as well. It is estimated that almost 27,000 cars pass through this viaduct every day but on some busy days the number goes to 40,000 for each day. It was opened in 1998, and the total length of this aqueduct is 4.2 miles. The completion time of this flyover is 10 years which is a long time. The total cost incurred on its construction is $4.4 billion.

1. Bay Bridge:

Bay Bridge is the busiest and the most expensive overpass in the whole world. It is located in California and connects it with different islands as well. It was constructed from 2002 to 2013, and the total length of this flyover is 2.2 miles long. It was opened to the public in 2013 and was completed in the period of 11 years. The total bridge expenses were almost $6.4 billion which makes it the most expensive bridge in the world.

List of Most Expensive Bridges Ever Built in the World:

1 Bay Bridge.   $ 6.4 Billion

2 Great Belt Bridge. $ 4.4 Billion

3 Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.  $ 2.4 Billion

4 The Yeongjong Grand Bridge  $ 1.9 Billion

5 The Tsing Ma Bridge  $ 1.35 Billion

6 Bay Bridge Oakland, San Francisco  $ 1.3 Billion

7 The George Washington  $ 1.1 Billion

8 Cooper River $ 836.9 Million

9 Tacoma Narrows Bridge  $ 827.7 Million

10 Chesapeake Bay Bridge  $ 778.3 Million

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