Childbirth is an amazing experience, however, it comes with a lot of challenges. A lot of working mothers find it difficult to deal with the emotional demands of motherhood. The stress of juggling a career and motherhood can take a toll on you and your family. If you have recently given birth and want to return to work, these ideas will make the transition easy for you.

Invest in Essential Child Care Items: Items like breast pumps, food warmers, and nursing pads are essential for new mothers. One of the challenges of resuming work after childcare is making sure your baby is well fed. You can express milk before leaving for work so that your caregiver can feed your baby while you are away.

Pamper Yourself: Get a trusted caregiver to look after your baby at least a week before you return to work. Then take a few hours a day to relax. You could go to the spa, go shopping, hang out with friends or simply get some sleep.
Hire a Nanny or Childcare Expert: Before returning to work, hire a qualified caregiver to look after your baby. Also, do a background check on the person or day care centre you intend to put your child while going to work.
Keep Your Support System Strong: Make sure you connect with your friends and family at least once a week, this helps you relax for a few hours. Accept their offer to look after your baby while you are at work. This way your baby will be with familiar faces few times a week.

Contact HR: Email or have a meeting with the HR to know the best time to discuss your resumption. They can bring you up-to-date on projects that were completed during your absence and future projects. You can also discuss your work hours with them.

Look Good: Your maternity outfits should no longer have a place in your wardrobe after you have given birth. Pregnancy changes your body, so do a wardrobe inventory. If your regular work clothes don’t fit anymore, buy new outfits. You have to look good to feel good.
Get Everything Ready the Night Before: Before going to bed, make a schedule of things you want to do the next day. Make sure that your outfit is ready, organise your work and baby’s bag to avoid forgetting important items at home.
Ease into Your Work Schedule: Resume work on a Wednesday or Thursday, so you can get used to the flow again.

Have Lunch: Never get consumed with work that you forget to have lunch. This is also an opportunity to socialise and catch up on work with your colleagues.
Basically, be mentally and emotionally prepared to face work pressures. You should not feel guilty about leaving your baby for hours. If you have hired a qualified caregiver, your baby will be fine while you are away. However, make sure you spend quality time with your baby when you get back from work or during the weekend.


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