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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Download Cwm Recovery Image For All Tecno Phones + Learn how backup your rom.

Hello, today I will be writing on how to install a clock work mod(cwm) recovery image on any tecno phone.. And how to do a ROM backup. If you're the type that like cool features in phone, or if you're the type that enjoys pimping of phones(android). To unleash its full
potentials and abilities, I will advice you to follow this step to avoid bricking of your phone when tempering with its software.
Thanks to all hovatek engineers for uploading the necessary files required.
 How to Install the recovery image and backup your ROM:

 1. You need to download the recovery tool Recovery tool
 2. Download the recovery image of your device.. You can see the download links below.
 3. After downloading, Move the file to the root of your SD card. i.e it should not be in any folder.
 4. Start the recovery tool and click on 'yes' button
 5. Click on were you see "flash other recovery"
 6. Search for the .img file you downloaded and click on it.
 7. Sip your alomo, or any drink your consuming. Just keep sipping it ad you wait for flash to complete.

 8. The most dangerous part. Click on boot to recovery That's all..

Download links for all tecno phones recovery image.

  • Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno N9 By Hovatek Download N9 Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno D3 By Hovatek Download D3
    Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno D5 By Hovatek Download D5

    Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno Phantom A+ (F7) By Hovatek Download Phantom A+(F7)

    Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno M3 By Hovatek Download M3

    Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno S3 By Hovatek Download S3

     Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno P5 By Hovatek Download P5

     Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno L3 By Hovatek Download L3

    Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno M5 By Hovatek Download M5

     Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno Q1 By Hovatek Download Q1

     Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno S7 by By Hovatek Download S7

     Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno P9 By Hovatek  Download P9

     Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno M9 (A3) By Hovatek Download A3(M9)

    Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno H5 By Hovatek Download H5

    Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno N7 By Hovatek ooop!

     Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno F5 By Hovatek  Download F5

     Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno R7 By Hovatek Download R7

    Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno N3 By Hovatek Download N3

    Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno P3 By Hovatek Download P3
 After downloading, rename from .bin to .img if peradventure the file ends with .bin
 Now To Backup Your Tecno ROM:

We're through with round one... Now its time to backup the ROM of your droid.. Backing up your ROM will make you invisible, that is... You are free to do anything with your phone since bricking won't be a big threat. When I say any thy, it doesn't mean you should go and use your phone to pluck pear oooo! Lols or pluck mango. OK.
 1.Download ROM manager from Google PlayStore.
2.After downloading, launch it.
3. Grant it super user permission.
4. Click on backup current ROM .
5. Give the backup a name and click OK
6. Grant super user permission so your phone will reboot into recovery mode.
7. Select backup user data in the recovery menu.
8. Wait for backup to complete and click OK. If peradventure your phone keeps displaying "updating " after the backup... Just remove your battery, put it back and switch on your phone... Go to your file manager, you will see the backup there. That's it.
 Now you can:
Install custom ROMs.
Partition your SD card.
Install different fonts.
And lots more.

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