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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Shareit/Xender Best apps for sharing files,apps,media files and documents.

Its been up to a week I posted in this blog of mine, I took a vacation to obudu cattle ranch.. No work there Lols!

Before you start thinking, its a lie oo! I was busy doing some important things I wouldn't want to share here.
 but visiting the ranch is in my flexing map this year anyway.
As you'll know, sometimes I share wonderful and amazing apps that makes task easy for us and make our device act smart as it is suppose to!

Introducing Shareit and Xender, the best and fastest apps so far for transferring Videos, apps, musics, games, pictures, contacts, documents and other transferable files from one device/PC to another.

  • Shareit.

 Shareit as the name implies, does the function of sharing things with super amazing speed.. With the introduction of this app, you can perfectly predict the extinction of Bluetooth since most devices now come with WiFi/WiFi hotspot.
Those eligible to use Shareit.
As long as you have and Android device, iPhone, windows phone, PC or a BlackBerry 10 device you're perfectly eligible to use Shareit.
Why I like this app is that, it can be used with different models of device.. I mean an Android user and an iPhone/windows phone user can share and exchange stuff on the go with adrenaline speed. You can also share apps from your mobile to your PC or your PC to your mobile with ease and with speed without connecting long cables or inserting card readers that might not function well sometimes.kk

To download the app, just chose from the links below your phones platform.

For Android download.
Visit to get it.

For iPhone. Download
Visit also

For PC download
  • Xender
Although Xender doesn't have much features to present if compared with Shareit, it is also a good and very fast sharing application that you can use to share files with your device (android)
I like Xender because it is faster and better than flash share ... It is somehow the upgraded version of flash share since it does some things flash share can't do.
With Xender you enjoy the benefit of sharing everything shareable in your device... You can even share folders or games with extra data.

You can transfer games like modern combat, FIFA, need for speed and Gta without the use of PC.

Xender transfers files with about 5mb/per sec without too much fluctuation... Although you might experience some hanging if you're connecting Xender with flash share.. But that doesn't affect the speed.

You experience the full potentials of Xender if you're transferring from Xender to Xender .... Xender is the better model of flashshare.

To download Xender click Here

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