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Friday, 5 December 2014

8 Things You Should Never Do To Your Husband

So these are the 8 things i feel ladies should desist from as married women

1: Dont think you are the Project: its true that he has to woo you, chase you, court you and all that but once you both are married. You become his helper. Dont ever have the mentality that he married you to pet and care for you. Its true he will do that but that is not the main reason for the marriage. You are not his life project rather you are to assist him achieve and attain his life project.

2- Dont Turn Him Against His People: dont turn the mother that bore him for nine months into a witch in his eyes pls. His relatives shouldnt become his enemies because you married him. Dont destroy the family relationship.

3- Dont Try To Change Him: You met him that way. You loved him that way. Why are you trying to change him now?. If you met him drinking alchohol, brace yourself to put up with it. Dont try to change him. You are not the HolySpirit.

4- Dont Be Too Familiar: dont be too familiar with your husband. Queen Vashti lost her crown to Esther because she was too familiar with her husband. Her husband sent for her and she refused to go. Dont get too familiar. Dont forget he is still your head. Still respect him.

5- Dont Stop Looking Good: this one is a major one. He met you looking sexy, fabolous and great. Dont stop looking that way. Even after having kids, hit the gym and still keep fit. Dont forget that he sees fresh babes every day as he goes out. Men are moved by what they see. Dont stop looking good.

6- Help Him On Bed: lipsrsealed i wont talk much on this one but please dont make !sex! boring for him. 

7- Dont Nag: pls dont nag biko. Instead of nagging, pray to God. God can change his heart, you cant change his heart.

8- Dont Try To Train Your Husband: you are expected to love your husband not to train him. If his mother that has been with him for the first part of his life cant change him on certain things, dont think that you can. Just help him.


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