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Thursday, 4 December 2014

How to Create Toplist in Wapka

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create toplist site with wapka site builder, no need to host your toplist, no need to learn programming, all so simple.. :)

Our tutorial is very lengthy, so it maybe add in two parts or more, it all depends.. Lets do it in real time :)

  1. Login to your free wapka account, for toplist I recommend you should create new site or else you will not be able to handle the extra load in one site..
  2. Goto Admin Mode
  3. At first, we will design our registration site,
    1. for this goto ES > USER > USER PROFILES Activate user profiles by marking the checkbox at the top most and press SET Button at the end.. It will activate profile system to be used..
    2. Now find the text Registration Profile form under this text in textbox insert the following code and press SET button again
    3. Mark the check box asking for Display profile form in registration page: and again press SET button
    4. Find Profile form (default) and empty its textbox and press SET button
    Now the registration page in your site should look like the following picture, you can see your registration page by going to (Change Site with your wapka login)
  4. Now we will design the main page first, I think that way you will understand better..
    1. Goto Home page of your site
    2. Via WML/xHML code add the following code

      This will display user list displaying the site title and link.. Only those sites will be displayed that have send more than 2 hits..
    3. Now we need to add two links Register Now, Login/Edit Site, add them via ES > WML/xHTML with the help of the following code
    4. If you like you can add another info for the visitors, let them know how many site are registered and how many sending us hits.. Just add the following code via ES > WML/xHTML code
    Now we have completed our home page.. looking nice?
  5. At the point, we have completed our registration page, login page and home page.. If you don't understand any of them ask via comment form below..
  6. Now we will design page that will keep the user site details and more data, for this do following
    1. Goto ES > USER > USER PROFILES > find Profile form (default) *:and post the following code in the box, after that press SET button at the end
    2. find Profile constants **: and change its code with the following one

      After that click SET at the bottom of the form..
    3. Now fiind Own style of profile site ***: and place the following link instead the first one..

      again Press Set button at the end of form o save settings..
  7. Now goto ES > ADD AUTOCONTENT > Autocontent for profiles > In first text box write -4 and in second write -5 and then click SET button
  8. Now goto Home page and click the >> button after site at the bottom and goto site -4 via the jump box.. In site -4 add the following code via ES > WML/xHTML code

    Please take in mind that this code will redirect every time you will refresh the page, please be carefull and tricky in this part after adding the code just goto ES > USER > ITEM VISIBILITY and click g c t l p U link and after that click URL GET variable llink, in next page set as following in the picture and click the SET button
    Now go back to home page to make our control panel area
  9. In this part we will create our control panel for user, you need to create new page via ES > NEW PAGE > suppose its SITEID is 1..
    1. To allow user to edit its site address and title etc we will add few options.. Add the following code via ES > WML/xHTML code

      Change XXX with the Site ID on which we are working or that you have added in this part :) suppose 1
    2. Now its time to add the reference codes that will be used to increase hits in when user sends a vistor, add following via ES > WML/xHTML code

      Change XXXXXXXXXXX with your site address and remove # from above code.. you can add banner links as well all up to you ;)
    3. To allow user to change password for his account, you can use following code, add via ES > WML/xHTML code
    4. Now add link for user to logout of the system, here is code
    5. lease set access to this page by the user only so that no other anonymous user can enter here.. do it via ES > USERS > PROTECTED ITEM > Mark the page and set access for logged users only.
  10. Now the last step is very easy, Goto ES > USER > CREDIT SYSTEM > and set credit settings for ref link etc. See below fpor more info
    1. If you wanted to set credit +1 for every click to ref link just find Users referred via referral link and press settings link against it > find 
      Add credits for:
      Click ref. link:
       and press EDIT OPTIONS BUTTON
    2. Ots all upto you how you set credit and on what basis you use it..
That's it, its very simple tutorial on adding toplist in wapka site, hope you enjoyed it and please write below for further help.. Thanks


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