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Thursday, 4 December 2014

How To Design Registration Page in Wapka

In this tutorial I will discuss how you can design your registration page to look beautiful then before.. This tutorial was requested by the wapkatutor user!! 
First of all, let me introduce to you the wapka sites registration page, you can use following tag to allow users to register on your site.

By clicking the above link users will have the option to register on your site and become an active member of your site.. The above link will direct users to the registration page that we are going to design in this tutorial.. This page has all the options for you to edit or change and you can also add more variable to store more info about the users.. :) Lets do it for our sites..

  1. Login to your free wapka account
  2. Goto Admin Mode
  3. Goto ES > WAP2 > Click Styles for login/registration link > Click Registration page > Now you wil be on the registration page settings page..Here you will see one textarea where you can add codes and tags and a submit button to save the record.. Also there are tags listed to help you manage the page accurately. :)
  4. Now in textarea you can use following tags o codes to design your registration page..
    1. ::notifications:: - This tag is mandatory, this displays the result to the user if his submitted inputs are correct or not.. This will also show the message if the user name is laready tajken and more.. If you like to design it too you can do it b adding new class in your style sheet file with name reg_notification in styles you can add many other CSS tags as you like.. Remeber that these notification are enclosed in p tag..
    2. ::login: - This tag is also mandatory, with this tag user will see input box where he/she can chose his/her username, if the username is already taken he/she will see error message because of above tag.. :)
    3. ::password1:: - This tag adds the password field to the registration page.. User can enter his/here password in this field.. in this tag 1 means that user has to enter his password here and in the second code too which is as under, in other case the user will see error message..
    4. ::password2:: - This tag is used to confirm the password that user has entered in the above ::password1:: tag.. This tag is also mandatory as like the others..
    5. ::email:: - This field is added in the registration page to get the user mail address so that you can send welcome email or verify user and so on, this tag is also mandatory.. This tag is already having the HTML breakline br tag at the end..
    6. ::lpsq:: - This tag adds option to set the security question. In case the user lost his/her password, he/she can retrieve it by answering his/her set answer.. You can add own questions as well but thats not the scope of this tutorial.. This tag also have the br tag at the end so next item will be on new line always..
    7. ::msgfa:: - This tag adds the field for the user to send YOU some info or tell you something or whatever.. This field is only visible to YOU because this field is only for admin messages..
    8. ::captcha:: - This tag adds the captcha check in your registration page.. With the user can only register if user has wrote the correct words from captcha.. Unfortunately you can not change the styles of captcha but you can disable it if you like..
    9. ::profile:: - This tag adds all the fields from ES > USER > USER PROFILE > STYLES FOR REGISTRATION PAGE.. You can store more info about the user with the help of this profile variable system.. I will not cover it in my this tutorial but will be added a complete tutorial on it..
    10. ::submit:: - This tag adds the submit button which is the action if user want to register after writing his/her info in other fields..
  5. You can use many other HTML tags in this and also you can use javascript, You can style your page with CSS.. It all depends only on you..
  6. After you are done just click UPDATE STYLE button and check your registration page..
hats it, we have change our registration n page for the users.. Remember that more beautiful the page is more you will get the members. Do not try to over load the page or you will not get the intension of users.. Try and et us know how was this tutorial and is it helped you??

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