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Friday, 5 December 2014

Recommended browsers you should use when managing a blog with your mobile phone.

Hello guys...? its been a while I posted in this blog of mine. Actually, I was working on the design of my blog. If you look around, they're pretty much some changes you'd see.. I had to fit in the blog to comply with Google policies and terms of service.
Yea, I'm about monetizing my blog with AdSense so I got to do what I got to do so I won't be rejected woefully... I hate disappointment a lot, I bet everyone does too!
Alright, going to my main aim of compiling this article today. You see, many people got this problem of choosing the right browser to use when managing their blog on mobile, this problem is more common to the blogger blog users.

Sometimes you might want to Edith your blogger template through  HTML,
but due to some bugs or malfunction in your browser's coding you won't be able to do so... Or perform the task.
Today I will be highlighting the most recommended browsers to use when trying to perform specific task on a blog or your blog.
Note: This article is based on personal experience on the different browsers including how they operate and function on different devices... Mainly Android device (C'mon, who uses symbian or java anymore?)

Starting with Uc Browser.
Uc browser:
If there's one browser I'd advice any blogger webmaster managing his/her blog on mobile to go for, it definitely would be Uc browser. Irrespective of the speed for loading web pages or downloading files, Uc browser is also a great tool for managing and editing blogs with ease and comfort.
Sometimes we tend to Edith certain features in our blog that will make our blog look unique and feel pleasant in the eyes, features like Adding a related post widget to the mobile view of our blog and pushing any widget to also display on the mobile view of out blog.
All this can be achieved by editing the blog template through HTML.
Uc browser is just the best tool to Edith any blog's HTML through mobile... It doesn't slag when editing HTML as other mobile browsers does, it is very fast when loading blogger dashboard pages, it let's you reply your blogger comments with ease also.
One thing about Uc browser is that, It usually takes long to log into blogger blog if you're using it for the first time... It will just keep loading and reloading without going straight to the blogger dashboard.
To cub this issue, When you input your email username and password and the browser loads with a blank page, just click on the URL bar and type "www . blogger .com" assuming you're on blogger.. The browser should take you to your dashboard immediately... If your username and password was correct in the first blank page.

Your Android browser.
Android browser:
This is one superb browser I'd also recommend to any blogger webmaster to go for when managing his/her blogger website on mobile.
This browser comes already installed on your Android phone.
It has the icon of the African map as its logo. (The logo might be depending on where the phone was shipped for consumption by the marketers)
This browser might come handy when you'd want to upload certain attachment to your blog post like images. Uc browser usually slag when uploading Images on blog post or any other thing.
Android browser also load blogger dashboard pages fast and smooth... As much as that, I'll never advice any one operating a blog on mobile to Edith his/her template HTML with Android browser. It is bound to give you an very awful user experience.
Another thing I hate about this browser is that, it refreshes itself when it is being used on phones with low RAM. Imaging after typing a 2000 word topic without saving it, (you forgot to save it or something) you minimize your device to check who's calling. After checking the call, you then maximize your browser back only to find out that the text didn't save because your browser refreshed itself when you minimized it.(Annoying right?)
 Well, as I earlier said 'this issue mainly occur with does using low RAM devices'.

Maxthon browser:
With the unique and smart look of this browser it is expected to be fast and excellent at first sight.
Like Uc browser, this browser is also very fast in loading webpages.
I make use of it mainly when I want to comment on other blogs or when I'm going for a back link mission.. Lols!
This browser also isn't advisable to use when editing anything HTML.
It might make you ruin your HTML code because of its sluggishness when loading HTML codes.
Other than that, this browser is definitely a tool every blogger managing his/her blog on mobile should have as it might be handy someday.

In as much as I love this browser, it still isn't my favorite.
Just as Uc browser, this browser can also be used to Edith the HTML of blogger templates.
This browser also save your pages automatically... Of course this will help those who normally forget to save their work when writing new post. Just that the speed of loading webpages when using this browser , isn't just encouraging!

Opera Mini:
Honestly, I haven't had much experience with the mobile version of this browser with my blog. I only use it to surf around forums.
I guess it won't be as cool as the browsers aforementioned
This browser might come handy if you're the type that like managing data. You know managing a blog usually consumes lots of data and in the other hand, Opera Mini is known for its ability to compress the files in a webpage before loading them, so much data won't be wasted.
I'd personally recommend this browser to those who're limited to little amount of data, due to financial status or something ( something I don't know).

As I said earlier, this post I based on my personal experience and use on the browsers mentioned. Of course you can also list out other browsers you think are also amazing and mind blowing when managing a blog with a mobile phone.
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your phone. here

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