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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Signs that you are a terrible Girlfriend

We all know that men and women are not made
equally. We all have our flaws and our setbacks.
However, there are some women out there who really
don’t fit the mold when it comes to being a good
girlfriend. While some men will openly speak out about
it, others will keep it to themselves, never revealing how
much their relationship sucks from their point of view.
In case your man is a part of the latter group, here are
signs that you may be making his life miserable
1 You’re Extremely High In Maintenance
You nitpick at anything and everything andare
extremely high maintenance and not afraid to admit it.
You only wear name brand clothes and you can only be
wined and dined at upscale restaurants. Money makes
you happy and all eyes have to be on you, no matter
where you go. Men don't really like high maintenance
women much, so your must-haves and needs may be
taking a toll on your man.
2 Everything Is About You
No matter where you two go or what you do, it has to
be all about you. Every plan that the two of you make
has to be approved before it can be put into motion.
You expect your man’s day to revolve around you, no
matter what else is on his schedule. You make it a point
to remain his first and only priority.
3 You Pretend Like You Trust Him
At the end of the day, no matter how much of a face
you put on, you know you don’t trust your man. You
look through his phone and his laptop on a daily basis.
You often accuse him of cheating on you or of some
sort of infidelity. Though you tell him you trust him,
you really don’t. Trust us, he sees through the charade.
4 You Forcefully Try To Change Him
Your man will be who he is, just as you will be who you
are. While relationships require change and morphing
from all parties involved, this change should happen
naturally not forcibly. If you are a woman who tries to
change the person she is dating, then you’re definitely
not doing yourself any justice. There is no sense in
trying to change someone, especially the person you’re
5 You Openly Criticize Him
Constructive and useful criticism is often welcomed by
most people. However, if you’re the type of woman who
will openly and publicly criticize your man, just know
that you’re doing more harm than good. While you may
think that the criticism you’re offering is worthwhile
and helpful, your method of delivering said criticism
gets rid of any positivity that ever existed. If you’re
going to criticize, do it nicely and privately.
6 Communication Isn’t Your Forte
You aren’t the best at communication, despite knowing
that you have to talk to your man if you want things to
work. You aren’t keen on talking about your feelings or
thoughts when things are wrong. You also tend to bring
up problems at the wrong times. You’re better at texting
your feelings than talking about them in person.
7 [b]You Don’t Get Along Well With Others[/b]
When the two of you hang out with other people, your
guy always has to worry about whether or not you will
get into an argument with someone or not. You don’t
play well with others and you’re not one to hide that
fact. Having to constantly go out in public with the fear
that you may start trouble is definitely not a good
feeling for your man.
8 You’re Controlling
You like to have a firm grip on your man and his
schedule. You have a lot of say in what he does on a
daily basis, including when he sees his friends and
family members. Dating a controlling woman is
extremely hard for any man, and it can definitely be an
ending factor. Though you two are dating, there’s no
need to feel the need to have full control over each
others’ lives.
9 You’re Never Wrong
Whenever anything goes downhill or completely wrong,
you always point the finger at someone else, including
your man, even if the blame is solely on you. Constantly
pointing the finger and always brushing off
responsibilities onto the other is a good way to slowly
but surely push a man away. In your eyes you’re an
angel that could never do wrong, but we all know that
isn’t true.

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