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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Six Things You Should Never Do For A Man Even When In Love

When two people come together in a relationship, it is
important that they make certain adjustments. This
helps their bond to grow stronger and fonder. But,
always remember that a healthy relationship is a two-
way street. A place where both partners are equal at all
levels. We say so because when you look around you
find that it is the woman who makes more than her fair
share of sacrifices and compromises for her men.
Especially after marriage, she is the one who is expected
to make all the adjustments and changes. Ladies, while
you might be doing some things happily, there are
some crucial aspects in which you should never
compromise evem when you are in love. Here are some
things that you should never do for your man

1. Ignore Your Dreams

Just because he wants you to spend time with him or be
around him always, should not make you feel guilty
into turning down that big promotion or the chance to
go for thyuat prestigious conference abroad. He should
never ask you to make a choice between your dreams
and him. There should always be a common ground to
work on. Ask yourself, would you be happy in a
relationship where you have to give up your hard-
earned dreams? If he loves you, he will understand that
your dreams and career are as important as his.

2. Modify your values

All of us have our own set of moral values and
principles that we believe in. These values form our
identity and individuality to a good extent. Never try to
change your morals just because your man wants you
to. Even if you two don’t share common values, he
should always respect yours, rather than change them.
This is not just about moral values; it is also about
religion and beliefs. Such things cannot and should not
ever be changed just because someone else wants you
to do so.

3. Change Your Look

woman should never change her appearance or the
way she looks only because her man desires so. Subtle
changes are acceptable, like dressing and styling ones.
But if he wants you to go for surgeries to change
certain aspect of your appearance then never agree to
it. He should admire your natural beauty and not work
towards changing it. Just because he doesn’t like the
way your nose looks or if he finds your ears too pointy,
it should not guilt-trip you into going for something as
drastic as a surgery.

4. Sacrifice your personal space

Even your family and friends need your time and
attention, and this is something even you enjoy, right?
So, never sacrifice your personal space and time that
you should be spending with them just because he
wants you to. Try to divide it and strike a balance. Just
because you are in a relationship does not mean that
you do not need anyone else apart from him. And, he
should understand and respect that.

5. Forget Who You Are

Never try to act what you are not. Do not show that
you are less intelligent than him just to boost his ego or
only because it will make him happy. Men like
independent women, so acting silly is not going to help
at all. Also, you should not change your likes and
dislikes for him. These things make you unique. So, do
not lose your individuality and identity for a man. At
least, not when you are being forced to do so

6. Handing over the reins

Never give him the access to be in control of you. No
matter how much you love him, the decisions should
always be mutual. He should never make the final
decision of what you should and shouldn’t do. Always
discuss with him, but make your decision keeping your
own lifestyles and choices in mind.
Ladies, keep these things in mind. There are certain
aspects of your personality that you should not change
for a man, even when you are in love. If you are not
true to yourself, you can never be true to your


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