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Monday, 8 December 2014

How TEMPERAMENT Affects Relationships

Temperament, I deduce, is a natural and innate disposition a person has or hold concerning issues of life. 

It is the Principal Factor behind your actions and reactions to everyone you come intact with especially In Your Relationships.

Below are Four Categories Of Temperament And How It Affects Our Relationships.

At least We All Belong To Two... ( A little of this, much of that)


(Your relationship is at the mercy of the level of understanding you have about the one whom you love)


1. They hold themselves and others in unrealistic high standards and gets distressed when those standards aren't met.

What else is the cause behind most heart breaks? I expected him to understand. He lacks it. He is immature! 
We are humans, sister!

2. Their perfectionist attitude allows them to be inquisitive.

When your gf is inquisitive, you're in for a lot explanation. 
Girls too must learn to speak straight abeg! Shey una NO na really NO?

3. They're very stubborn because they feel their view is relevant than yours.

Hahaha! Them full NL scarra...

4. They're very picky. 

# I hand the mic over to our pretty ladies over 30+ whom have had the opportunities# 

#clears throat #

5. They argue a lot using logic, reason, evidence, explanations, delivered analytically or with pleading.

I almost called this nagging but I saw "reason"...
Nagging is unreasonable!

6. They reply poorly to compliments from people.

You tell them "they're beautiful" and they reply you, "stop flattering me or iffa hear" lol

7. They blame themselves for every mistake.

They red handedly catch their bf cheating. They say it is over. After 3 months, they are still saying, "it's my fault" I will never forgive myself!


8. They are Loners.

They enjoy being with themselves more than with others. They can a whole day on their bed with their phones. (This makes them susceptible to Self Servicing) 

9. They're very emotional. 

The guys are moved by beauty.

For the ladies, Their level of mood swing is HIGH! 
Expect them to toy with your feelings at times.

10. They respond to things they dislike with tears rather than with rage. They're also often moody!

The girls are quick to shed tears if offended or embarrassed... 


1. They're social extroverts.

Walking with them on the way, get ready to always wait for them because they have to stop by to greet their "fans".

2. They're not picky about who they know.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry is their friend as long as you're lively and exuberant.

3. They're talkers more than they're listeners.

Haha! Their favorite phrase is "sorry to cut you short" lol!
You know them na...

4. They can't be confided upon. 

Don't trust them with your secrets please! They are flippant with their tongue!

5. Interacting with them the first time is like you've always known them all your life.

Have you met someone like that?

6. They forgive quickly.

They're the type that say, I hate you! But, the next minute, they apologize.

7. They have a good sense of humour.

They're no comedians but have a funny meaning to every thing you say.

8. They're good motivators.

Being cheerful, they hate to see you troubled. They motivate you to cheer up.

9. They're not identified with neatness.

They are often unkempt and disorganized, especially their rooms. Why? They live for the present. Who is coming to your mind?

10. They open silly threads to get attention.

They're attention seekers. In NL, they'll quote you wrongly just to attract people to them.

Do you know any NLder like that? lol


1. They're proud and egoistic. 

Saying "I'm sorry" is lost in their vocabulary. They're proud to claim they're proud.

2. They're Control Freaks.

They always want control others. Mostly, men are guilty of this.

3. They don't make request. They give commands.

You be sohja ni?

4. They often begin their sentence with, "Hey, look!" or " Listen to Me!"

Is your bf like this?

5. They're forceful in their approach to problems. They don't celebrate Pity Parties. 

#good trait#

6. They can lie just to maintain their position. 

Prestige is everything to them and they can betray you for it.

7. They speak their minds but don't mind their speech.

It is such people you have to remind, "Mind your tongue"

8. Cholerics are independent.

They rather starve than show signs that they need you. IMAGINE YOU HAVE A CHOLERIC WIFE THAT YOU'RE LOGGERHEADS WITH and it's bed time!!

9. They're the BOSS!

They're mostly leaders and directors. They lead and aspire to lead in higher places in any organization, even the Church!

10. A lot of them are bullies.


1. Phlegmatic are meek, submissive introverts who love to please others- I love this one! Lol!

They're sacrificial.

2. They're peace people.

They've got no violent bone in them. Conflict terrifies them. They can forget their money with you- Girls be like, Nice one!

3. They don't believe they know it all.

They are confirmation of the quote, "Those who have so much to offer hardly believe in themselves".

What a pity!

4. They're well behaved and obedient to rules.

At work, they don't break the rules. They love their wives and don't cheat on her.

5. They apologize quickly.

This is their ™.

6. They're trustworthy in keeping to their promises.

They're no politicians... But they shouldn't join politics o!

7. Their language is full of uncertainty like, "I guess, I think, Maybe, Perhaps" etc.

They're indecisive!

8. They're almost immune to getting angry.

Catching them in an angry mode is almost impossible.

9. They enjoy time alone. However, they're much "nicer" and more friendly and social than the melancholics.

10. They're the ones you call the "nice" guys or the "nice" girls.

They are givers, helpers and sacrificial.

What else do you need from a nice guy?

NOTE: This list isn't perfect even as people change and improve upon their previous lifestyles.

Where do you or your fiancé/ crush fall?

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