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Tuesday, 13 January 2015


1. Stop fighting for a spot in their
heart when you know there's no
space for you there.

2. Never assume a position in
someone's life if they haven't made it

3. Never give them the privilege of a
life partner when he or she is just a
sex partner. Guy, stop spending on
her. Girl, stop giving him sex.
Equation balanced!.

4. If they are not adding any tangible
value to your life, kick them out of
your Life. Samson lost his eyes cause
he toiled with a woman
who had no tangible value to add To
his Life.

5. Go and Check your HIV status. Its
an error not to. Health is Wealth.

6. Never Let this month pass without
being a devout christain

7. If your heart is set for someone,
you will hardly notice anyone no
matter how many Beautiful &
Gorgeous faces you set your eyes
upon daily.

8. You only notice because your heart
is set on many faces that's why you
are a chronic flirt

9. True love isn't Romeo & Juliet who
died together. True Love is Grandpa
& Grandma who grew old together.

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