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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Guidelines On How To Be That Model Girlfriend

So I've been in relationships, and I think I've seen both the good and bad side of it even tho some didn't really end well,but I've sure learned a lot, and I'm gonna share some. here I'm gonna talk about some points a girl should take note of when in a relationship.

This is not an exclusive for all relationships,but it could be of help.

1. DON'T BE TOO CLINGY: one thing some girls haven't come to term is "too much calls" doesn't mean he's gonna take you so seriously. While it works well for some people it doesn't really go down well with some guys, sometimes it lives the guy wondering if your existence revolves around him.. You really don't need to be all over him give him little space..

2. IMPROVE YOUR SELF WORTH: Pick up some interest, whether academic or something outside the box. Do something different, could be something profitable or a hobby that would appeal to others. Something to make you stand out from the crowd, something that when he looks at you he'll say, yes! That's my girlfriend. .

3. SET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT: What do you want from the relationship? What do you want from this guy? Do you think he's the best guy? You think he's worth it? Do you see the relationship going places or its just a "fun" thing? These are things you should ask yourself, things you should get right before settling with that guy you don't just wake-up and accept that guy, know what you want... Think baby girl, think. .

4. YOUR PUSSY WON'T KEEP THAT GUY: Now girls, seriously it wouldn't if you like pin your head on the ground and place your legs on his shoulders, girl if he's gonna walk away he definitely will. Now how do you show this guy you love him? Get to know his interests, what he likes, what he gains happiness from, find out what keeps him intrigued if your pussy is the only thing you've got to offer that guy, girl you're in for a long thing millions of girls have that thing you have down there, think what's gonna make you outstanding, don't stop him from going about his business that's rather negative.

5: DON'T BE TOO DEMANDING: oh yes! He's your boyfriend but you don't have to turn him to your father, a real man is supposed to know he'll fend for his girlfriend no matter how little it is, yes you'll ask but it shouldn't be everyday. "Bae I want to eat, bae I want make my hair" naaah that's not good look out for yourself too why he adds up.

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