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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Nigerians may not have the opportunity to enter Dubai again !

Nigerians may not have the opportunity to enter Dubai again ! As it stands now, the Emirati Government is considering a total ban on Nigerians entering UAE after the 2015 travel restrictions. This is due to the high crime rates Nigerian nationals perpetuate in UAE. As the Dubai City official claimed.

Nigerians wanting to travel to Dubai either for holidays or business may have to put their travel plans on hold as it stands now. Dubai, a city state in the United Arab Emirates has banned Nigerians from coming in. This is as a result of high crime rates perpetuated by Nigerians living in Dubai.

A week ago, an armored bullion van was attacked in the city by men believed to be Nigerians. This unconfirmed report has it that 80% of the robbers were Nigerians and in the process one Emirati law enforcement agent(Police) lost his life.

In the same vein, reports have it that , about 50 Nigerian girls were rounded up in the suburban areas of Dubai on the account of prostitution. Dubai, frowns at prostitution and considers this a crime. The Emirati Government re considering a total ban of Nigerian entering their beautiful city. No more wedding in Dubai, No more Holiday selfies in Dubai as it is. Unconfirmed reports have it that the City officials are no more comfortable with the presence of Nigerians.

Around 2015, Dubai has banned single and unmarried Nigerians less than 40 from visiting the country except the person is accompanied by someone who is above 40 and bears the same surname with them. It is assumed that the Nigerian High Commission in UAE will wade into this and sort out this travel restriction

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