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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Poland Recently Launched A Bike Path That Glows Blue At Night. See What It’s Made Of

Poland unveiled an amazing bike path near Lidzbark Warminski in the Mazury region last week.

What makes the path special is that it incorporates glow-in-the-dark technology in an awe-inspiring way.

Poland has one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. The glow-in-the-dark bicycle path is sure to help nighttime cyclists.
The path is a 100-meter track constructed by TPA Instytut Badan Technicznych in Pruszkow.

The path makes use of luminophores; synthetic materials which glow after being charged by the sun. Although the luminophores can emit different colours, the engineers admitted that they chose blue luminophores because it was thought it would suit the Mazury Landscape.

According to the TPA president Ruttmar, the material used for the bike track emits light for over 10 hours– which is practically all through the night. During the day time, it charges in preparation for the night.

The polish bike path was inspired by that of the Netherlands called ‘Starry Night’. ‘Starry Night’ was unveiled 2 years ago at Studio Roosegaarde.

It was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting called ‘Starry Night’. The cycle path is located in the Dutch county of Brabant, where Van Gogh was born and raised

However, both paths are different. While the Polish path makes use of luminophores as previously mentioned, the Netherlands path uses solar-powered LEDs. This was confirmed by Waldemar Królikowski, director of the Board of Regional Roads in Olsztyn.

The path which cost more than mainstream bike paths do is still in its testing stages. TPA is looking to reduce the cost of production as well as ensuring the glow-in-the-dark bicycle path does not wear off quickly.

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