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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Ten(10) Things Those In A Relationship Can Relate With.

Being in a Relationship is sweet right?? But it sure comes with some sacrifices. They say you have to give something to get something..
Personally, these are things I dislike about being in a Relationship :

1. Having to call each other Everyday:-

You just have to call your partner, even if it's just to say " I feel like hearing your voice" . Yes, I agree communication is very vital in a relationship but sometimes you just don't feel like picking your calls *Relationship of course robb you of that*

2. You can't control your Thoughts:-

You find yourself thinking about the one even when you don't want to. One minute you are thinking about this important thing and the next thing you are in "Romance Land" Chai!

3. You can't control your heart :-

You remember when your heart skipped a bit at the sight of him Even when you want to pretend like you don't care and seeing him is No big deal. Your heart will just betray you and you will find yourself smiling like a little girl

4. You just can't stay Angry

What a random person will do to you and be Damn, he will do more and you just can't stay angry. Of course, you will be for a minute and the next you want to settle

5. You Find Yourself smiling/giggling to your phone :-

Yeah, When you open your phone "Jeje" And visit the Gallery or Message Section . You may not be able to call yourself to order until you are poke.

6. You don't want your phone Battery Dead:-

Especially when 'the one' Is far away or the 'No Nonsense type' you won't mind charging at your Enemy's residence.

7. You find yourself on 'Hot Seat' :-

No, you are not playing who wants to be a Millionaire. But what else do you call it when you have to answer such questions as :
Have you eaten? Have you taken your bath? Where are you? Did you sleep yesternight? :PWhat did you eat? When do you mess?
Abeg if you ask me, Na who I go ask ?

8. Your Friends will definitely tease you

Dress gorgeously and they already conclude you are meeting the one. You will hear comments like : 'Eyi o wa Poju? Ah go love ooo, Love in Tokyo and so on..

9. : You are Emotionally Attached:-

Consciously or Unconsciously, you are not yourself when he hasn't talk to you, when you haven't seen him, when you are not on talking terms and all that, You can't help but feel part of you is Missing. The fact is you have become attached

10. Abeg Add Yours

Enjoy your Relationship my people

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