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Friday, 11 November 2016

Infinix Zero 4 Specifications and price in Nigeria

The Infinix Zero 4 comes with lots of improvements, The design, Battery strength, Camera quality, Network strength and some other key features that will be listed below also experienced some improvement.


Why in the hell did they have to reduce the Back Camera from 20MP… Personally i don’t really see the Big Improvement they claim they made to the camera.. The Infinix Zero 3 Camera was 20MP  rear and 5MP front..  They only increased the Front Camera of this Version and reduced the back by 7Mp.
Still cool though if you ask me. You know most people take selfies  of memorable moments with the front Camera..

Network Strength for Browsing:
The Zero 4 also boast of 4G network strength for faster connection just like its predecessor Zero 3.
The 4G Network is very fast. You can download files of GB within few minutes when you are on 4G.. I remember getting a speed of 20MB/SEC on my Unlimited Ntel Plan on 4G

Screen Type?
The Infinix Zero 4 Has two variants.. both of them comes with Gorilla glass.
With Gorilla glass, Kiss your fear of screen crash or breaks when it drops on the floor goodbye. Gorilla glass are so strong you won’t have to worry about damage when your beauty drops on a hard surface intentionally or unintentionally.

I think the  3200Mah is too small for a flagship device.. Common Infinix, Its a  Damn flagship phone.. 4000mah battery would have being more considerate. Well, since the CPU of phones also determines how well the battery last, i believe this zero 4 CPU was built to  optimize battery use and also consume less battery power

Screen size:
Beautified with a 5.5 inch big screen, The Infinix Zero 4 is sure to give you a great viewing experience.
With screen size this big, You get to enjoy your videos, Games and other stuff on a clearer and brighter screen.
The Zero 4 Variant of this series comes with a 5.7 ich screen.. which is one of the major difference between the Zero 4 and the Zero 4 plus.

FOr carrying the load of your apps in background and also give you smoothness in operations and surfing is a 3GB RAM. The Infinix Zero 3 also comes with 3Gb RAM.. Wonder why they didnt just make it 4GB RAM.. I’m sure its gonna be hard for them to compete with Tecno Phantom Series

This beauty also comes with a fingerprint sensor to help give you instant access to your phone after inputting your Unique fingerprint. Finger print sensor is the New Black of Security in Devices since the Android 6.0 marshmallow update.

Price Of Infinix  Zero 4:
This baby will sell for N90-100k (Unofficial)

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