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Friday, 16 December 2016

Why is it difficult for ladies to look 100% natural?

Do you know that what you put on your body is as good as what goes into it?

I believe a lady who has a natural sweet look needs no hair attachment or make up and those who use makeup do so TO MAKE UP for the beauty they lack and ladies who are less confident about their looks use make up and funny attacments to look attractive.

Does it not make more sense for ladies to go all natural?, at least its better for people to see you the way you are and make proper judgment regarding your looks. For Petes sake what is difficult in grooming your natural hair and make it look great always? why the use of another so called "human hair" when yours is not an alien's?

Some ladies claim they don't do this to be admired and i wonder if that makes any logical sense but for those who want to be admired, the truth is that people prefer to see you 100% natural all the least they will see you in your natural beauty.

And funny enough many guys can't differenciate between Brazilian,Columbian or alien hair but we just want to see you in your natural beauty.

I don't know if I sound odd but for me,I prefer the natural look of a lady to the make believe.
Please look natural is less stressful and dignifying for you and more appealing to real guys.

My opinion.

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