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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

7 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Drains Twice Faster

Have your smartphone drained your battery so badly?If so here are the top 7 reasons.

Operating Your Phone While Charging:

This is one of the top reason why your battery don’t last any longer some of this reasons are playing game,music, surfing the internet,high increase screen light while charging your cell phone this reasons reduces the cell strength of your phone battery.

2. Using Fake Power pack or killer USB Cord

There are thousands of fake power banks circulated in the local market. This detrimental to anyone who purchase it. Not only fake power bank destroys your smartphone battery cell strength , it will also leave you with slow charging problem or your phone not charging at all.
Here are few guides on How To Know a Fake Power Banks
Often Chinese in nature.
They comes in adulterated name brand like BMW, HP , Infinix, which is not directly endorsed by these companies.
Their power capabilities is highly overhyped.
Usually very cheap.

3. Removing Your Battery Too Often

You might not really notice this
But you may confirm this in a dark room or at night.
Each time you remove your smartphone battery, there is a little spark that emanate from the battery terminals this reduces the cellphone battery strength. Imagine removing your Battery like ten times a day? You wouldn’t dare that again right?

4. Using a Desktop/Universal Charger

Desktop chargers are made to be used in case of emergency or when battery is extremely dead, its not directly endorsed by the phone manufacturer and its off specification of your phone brand. It may come with high voltage or low voltage because most of them lack a good voltage regulator.

5. Charging Your Phone on a High Voltage or low Voltage Power Source

Charging Your Phone with a high or under voltage power frequency is very bad for your battery health,
Its not advisable to use power generating set to charge Your battery. As steady electric frequency is not guaranteed.

6. High surrounding temperatures

Using phone in heated area some times people charge there smartphone in a hard hazard area or in an environment that is not conducive such as under an umbrella or in the market places where sun can reach the phone such is not deducible

7. Too much running apps at the background

wow in this aspects people like me will always have multi task work in my phone either downloading at the same time watching movies. this really kills the cell battery there by giving the phone much work to handle.

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