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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Hot: How to get 1gb/2gb free on your Mtn sim

Etisalat users have been blazing with the Etisalat remote tweak unlimited free browsing on tweakware and stark Bob for a while now, and Mtn users have been requesting for any available tweaks and cheats.
Note: The tutorial in this post is not a cheat but a trick which will help you in getting 1gb/2gb for free on your Mtn sim.


1. Mtn sim { #0.00 recommended }.

2. Android phone.

3. Zoto app.apk

4. A mail address.

5. Few data { mb }.


1. Get your Mtn sim card and migrate to Mtn Ipulse by dialing *406*1#.

2. Download and install Zoto app.
Zoto.apk download

3. Switch on your data connection and open the Zoto app and register with your mail address and your mobile number { Your Mtn number }. Tick I have a referral code and input CRACKW

4. Verify your mobile number using the OTP code sent to you.

5. Now scroll down and click on claim gift and your line will be creditted with #500 for free. (This #500 is given to all Sims from ZOTO).

6. Go to your dial pad and dial *406*2# and answer with 1.

7. Your #500 will be deducted and you will be given 1gb valid for 1 week.

Note: You will be given 2gb if you are eligible for the Mtn double data.
This trick is very easy and fast. You can use the #500 in making calls and sending sms. This trick can be repeated on the same phone with the same app but with different sim card and different mail address. If you wish to repeat this trick on your second sim, you have to clear Zoto app data and repeat the procedures again.

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